A Bungalow Getaway is Closer Than You Realize

Palafito Over The Water Bungalow Mexico Travel Agency

You can picture it: an expanse of clean white sand, water so blue and beautiful it must be from a movie scene, and over it all sits a cozy bungalow, perched overlooking the water and offering the perfect hideaway for the vacation escape you’ve always dreamed of. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? But it probably also sounds like something that is miles away from your realm of possibility—both financially and literally. These over-the-water bungalows—or Palafitos, to be more exact—remind us of far-off places like Tahiti or Bora Bora, reserved for those living a life of luxury and surely out of reach for a couple looking for a romantic getaway. But the truth is, they’re more within reach than you probably ever thought.

The El Dorado Maroma Resort in Playa Maroma, Mexico offers these beautiful bungalow escape havens and are situated just a few hours away by plane from the contiguous United States. It can take up to a day to travel to other exotic locations for a bungalow vacation, but this resort—a gourmet luxury all-inclusive, adults-only resort at that—can be easily reached in less than half a day and provides the same luxury you’d expect from a Tahitian holiday.

Why Go Bungalow?

Opting for a bungalow stay over a traditional hotel means more privacy for your honeymoon or anniversary trip, plus so much more. Glass floors let you see the water flow beneath you, and you’re never more than a few steps from a refreshing dip in the clear blue water. You won’t share walls or elevators with anyone but your vacation partner, and you’ll feel as if you’re on your own private island.

How Do I Get A Palafito?

These Palafitos can only be booked with a GIVC, a gourmet inclusive vacation consultant. Consultants like us have a track record of extremely high expectations for our booking locations, excellent customer service and support, and only the best recommendations for all types of getaways. If an over-the-water bungalow is calling your name and you’re ready to reserve your dream vacation, don’t delay. Contact me today to request a quote or book your well-deserved travel.




Palafito Over The Water Bungalow Mexico Travel Agency





Palafito Over The Water Bungalow Mexico Travel Agency

Palafito Over The Water Bungalow Mexico Travel Agency

Palafito Over The Water Bungalow Mexico Travel Agency

Palafito Over The Water Bungalow Mexico Travel Agency














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