Alaska is Just a Click Away

  • Population

    740,000 people

  • Location

    North West Corner on the Canadian Border

  • Shopping

    Ammilite jewelry (ammilite is a shell found in the Alsakan waters), Ulu knives are popular as well as native artwork.

Alaska, located in the northwest of North America, at the tip of Canada, is the largest and most sparsely populated U.S. state. It is known for having a very diverse terrain of open spaces, mountains and forests, waterways, and an abundant wildlife. Alaska also has many small, quaint towns. It’s a destination for outdoor activities like skiing, mountain biking and kayaking. Many people hear about summer trips to Alaska, most often including a cruise. North America’s highest peak is also located in Alaska, known as Denali. It’s located in Denali National Park, formerly known as Mount McKinley. Alaska is a beautiful place to visit and it’s often overlooked as being cold and desolate, which is just not the case.

Great Flights

Flying these days is simple. If your local airport is an international airport and you’re flying internationally, that will most likely save you some time. If your local airport isn’t an international airport, be prepared for the travel time to be a bit longer.

Extra Luggage

Think carefully when packing. You might not need so much, many of your days will be spent relaxing in the sun. Depending on which airline you fly, extra fees might apply for additional suitcases.

Cancellation Policies

Make sure to ask us about trip insurance. You might not think it’s worth it, sometimes things come up that are inevitable. The small investment could save you a huge headache as well as a saved expense!

About Alaska

Alaska is only one of two US states that aren’t attached to each other and a part of the ‘lower 48.’ While it is farther and colder, it’s well worth the trip!

The capital of Alaska is Juneau, which is located in the Panhandle of Southeast Alaska, 900 air miles north of Seattle and 600 air miles southeast of Anchorage. The current population of Juneau is 33,277. The economy is based on government, tourism, mining, and fishing. Juneau is one of the most beautiful state capitals in the nation.Aruba is Oranjestad, which is located just north in one of the many resort areas on Eagle and Palm beaches.

Alaska vacations include wonderful sights including incredible State Parks, scenic roads and cruises, both natural and man-made attractions, festivals, races, world-class skiing, and of course the famous Northern Lights, and incredible opportunities to see wildlife including bears, salmon, whales, eagles, and sea lions.

Passport & Visa Information

US Citizens require no visas or passports to visit Alaska. If you intend to travel to Canada while on your trip, you will require a passport.

All passports must be valid for the entire period of your intended stay.  It is highly recommended that travelers always have six months validity on their passports after departure.  If departing from the United States a valid passport will be required by immigration authorities.

Most visas can be extended up to a total of 180 days per calendar year.

Learn more about passports here.

The Language

The first official language of Alaska was English but in 2014, the state added all of their native languages to that list. So speaking Tlingit, Inupiaq, or Siberian Yupik in Alaska is great, along with the other 16, to total 20 official languages.

English and Spanish are widely spoken because these languages are taught in school.  Some French is understood, and most islanders speak the native language Papiamento.

Odds & Ends

Time Zone: 

  • Anchorage, Alaska is GMT/UTC – 9h during Standard Time
  • Anchorage, Alaska is GMT/UTC – 8h during Daylight Saving Time

World Clock

Currency: The official currency is the US Dollar.  US currency is accepted everywhere and other major currencies can be exchanged at banks.

Electricity: Electric current in Alaska is 120 volts, 60Hz.  Flat two- and three-pin plugs are standard.