Jamaica is Just a Click Away

  • Population

    2,800,000 people

  • Location

    Southern Caribbean Sea

  • Shopping

    Choices include Jamaican crafts, which range from artwork to batik fabrics to baskets. Wood carvings are a top purchase. The finest are made from the Jamaican national tree, lignum vitae, or tree of life, a dense, blond wood that requires a talented carver to transform it into dolphins, heads, or fish. Bargaining is expected with crafts vendors. Jamaican rum is another top souvenir, as well as Tia Maria, the Jamaican-made coffee liqueur. Coffee (both Blue Mountain and the less expensive High Mountain) is sold at nearly every gift shop, but the cheapest prices are often found at local grocery stores, where you can buy coffee beans or ground coffee.

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean with alluring white sandy beaches and emerald green mountains and sparkling waterfalls. Because Jamaica’s location, the island captures trade winds that assist in maintaining a near constant temperature between 77 and 82 degrees.  This blesses the mountainous island’s northeast coast with abundant rain.

Great Flights

Flying these days is simple. If your local airport is an international airport and you’re flying internationally, that will most likely save you some time. If your local airport isn’t an international airport, be prepared for the travel time to be a bit longer.

Extra Luggage

Think carefully when packing. You might not need so much, many of your days will be spent relaxing in the sun. Depending on which airline you fly, extra fees might apply for additional suitcases.

Cancellation Policies

Make sure to ask us about trip insurance. You might not think it’s worth it, sometimes things come up that are inevitable. The small investment could save you a huge headache as well as a saved expense!

About Jamaica

The northern and eastern coastlines of Jamaica are populated with many resorts which haven’t spoiled Jamaica’s tropical delights. Jamaica’s tourism is well established with a wide variety of excellent resorts for every budget.  There is a resort for every type of traveler from honeymooners, to families, to active guests, to history buffs. Most of the resorts are all-inclusive properties, some boutique-style, many adults only, and several family-friendly. Jamaica is one of the top destination wedding and honeymoon locations of the Caribbean.

The islands many attractions include Negril’s famous Seven Mile Beach, Dunn’s River Falls and Kingston’s Bob Marley Museum.

Jamaican cuisines are made with many rich flavors, especially Jerk marinade. Jerk consists of island spices and are added to chicken, pork, fish and beef.

Passport & Visa Information

US citizens must have a passport to enter Jamaica, that has to be valid upon their return to the USA. No visa is required, for touristic stays of up to six months.

Learn more about passports here.

The Language

Jamaica is considered a bilingual country with two major languages in use by the population.  Jamaica Standard English is used in the government, the legal system, the media, and education.  However, the primary spoken language is an English-based creole called Jamaican Patois.

Odds & Ends

Time Zone: AST (Atlantic Standard Time) UCT -5 hours. No Daylight Savings Time is used in Jamaica.

World Clock

Currency: The Jamaican Dollar (JMD) is divided into 100 cents. The island is supplied with ATMs, banks and bureau de change. US currency is accepted.

Electricity: Electrical current is 110 volts, 50Hz.  Flat two- and three-pin plugs are in use.