Traveling Abroad: The Importance of Passports

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One of the most important things about traveling to another country is having a valid, non-expired passport.  If you don’t have this, you won’t be able to leave the United States.

I know, I know.  We have this little blue book in a safe or somewhere in a drawer in your house.  Before you plan and book your vacation, please make sure your passport is not expired.  Go check it now. Really!  Give yourself plenty of time prior to your vacation to locate and possibly update your passport so you can travel abroad.

Clients will say, “Yes, I have a passport and I have several years before it expires.”  Well, guess what?  Two weeks prior to their departure date, they are scrambling to find their passport or to get their passport renewed the more expensive and stressful way…. Expedited.

Helpful Links for Updating Passports

If you want to learn about how to apply for a passport, renew a passport, or obtain a passport for a child, please click here.  This link will give you up-to-date information regarding passport photo requirements, and expiration dates for your passport depending upon which country you visit, etc.

One thing to remember: Do not get caught-up in the passport card.  You will not be able to leave the country and go overseas, to the Caribbean, or other countries without a passport book.  Yes, the important word here is “book.”  I know, the book is more expensive, but this is the only thing that will allow you to travel internationally on your vacation.

Tips for Traveling Abroad and Passports

  • Don’t keep expired passport(s) with your current passport.  You don’t want to grab the wrong one prior to leaving your house for vacation.  Yes, I’ve had clients do this.
  • Prior to traveling, make a copy of your passport.
  • If you store several family members’ passports together, please double check that you have the correct passport(s) prior to heading to the airport for your vacation.
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